Lot 36 English 18k White Gold Ring
set with an oval cut padparadscha sapphire (approx. 2.49ct.) flanked by 4 small full cut white sapphires

Ring Size: 6
5g (weight)

Est. $400/500
Realised: $480
Auction Date: 02/04/2010

Note: Corundum is a mineral which is clear in its pure form, but instead typically occurs coloured by impurities. When additional chromium is present, the corundum is red and referred to as ruby. If the stone is any other colour it is referred to as sapphire, and the orange –pink variety are called padparadscha sapphires. These sapphires are rare and extremely valuable when coloured naturally, however many examples on the market, including this one, have had their colour improved through irradiation.

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