Lot 75 English 9k Yellow Gold Cross-Over Ring
set with a fancy square cut pezzottaite (”red emerald”) (approx. 0.75ct.)

Ring Size: 6
3g (weight)

Est. $120/160
Realised: $0
Auction Date: 02/04/2010

Note: Pezzottaite , also marketed under the name “raspberry beryl” and “red emerald”, is a newly discovered mineral first identified in 2003. Typically only found in stones under 1 carat in size and almost unheard of in stones over 2 carats, pezzottaite is found in shades from pink to strong red and often contain extensive inclusions. Red emerald is also used as a name for the similar mineral bixbite, but pezzottaite crystallizes in a different form than other varieties of beryl, which has led to it being given its own unique name.

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